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See what members and visitors have to say about their experience at CrossFit Yosemite

Testimonial 1

“I'm so thankful I joined the Crossfit Yosemite community here in Oakhurst.  The people are great, the workouts are killer, and I leave feeling supported, stronger, and very sweaty :)  Come join us and stop by to check it out”

Testimonial 2

"I love this gym and its wonderful leader!  She is so knowledgeable and full of energy!  We have fun while getting stronger and more fit!  Instead of daunting room full of all kinds of machines you have to figure out and use on your own, this gym encourages everyone in a class to work together!  Teamwork makes the dream work!!”

Testimonial 3

“Best gym around!  Not only is this gym family oriented, with kids classes, but also there is something for everyone.  If you are looking for a 12 week program to completely change your life through diet and exercise, it is here.  In addition, there are regularly scheduled classes.  Everyone encourages each other and form is key.  I appreciate her precision on ensuring safety for members.  Ive asked Julie to help me focus on strengthening my lower body.  She makes additional workouts specifically for me, which I complete in addition to the workout.  I love the family feel when coming here.  Come out and try it!

Testimonial 4

“A gym for everyone-including this working momma in her 30's--feeling fantastic and strong!  Incredibly proud to be part of this gym that makes the Crossfit community proud.  The coaching staff is extremely knowledgeable and supportive.  Workouts focus on functional movements that are modified for each individuals fitness level.  I have personally worked out with a wide range of athletic abilities including individuals age 60+, "kids" in their 20s, and men and women with a wide range of fitness levels.  The coaching staff creates workouts that are group oriented and make a conscious effort to support each athlete's personal goals.  The group of athletes in this gym is encouraging and motivating.  The staff supports our local community and has organized multiple events and activities for their members and their family members.  The coaches truly care about each of their member' health and wellness inside and out of the gym.  This is truly a great environment for anyone looking to get fit from the inside out.  Come check it out”

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